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India’s social media election

Ahead of the general elections, political parties in India are attempting to woo voters on social media for the first time.

Politicians are taking part in Google+ Hangouts, televised interviews organised by Facebook and using the Facebook-owned smart phone messaging app WhatsApp to connect with millions of tech-savvy urban voters.

India’s 16th general election – to be held in nine phases over April and May – will be closely fought, with some observers saying social media will play a vital role in deciding which party wins the most seats.

According to a report published in April 2013 by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and the Mumbai-based Iris Knowledge Foundation, Facebook users will “wield a tremendous influence” over the results of the polls in 160 of India’s 543 constituencies.

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Shashi Tharoor

Now no serious politician is seen as being able to avoid social media altogether”

Congress party minister Shashi Tharoor

It’s a finding political parties have taken note of, with major contenders like the ruling Congress party and main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) earmarking 2-5% of their election budgets for social media, according to an October 2013 study by IAMAI and Mumbai-based market researcher IMRB International.

Narendra Modi has his own website and is on Twitter, Facebook and Google+



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Lie detector on the way to test social media rumours

A lie detector for social media is being built to try to verify online rumours.

The system will analyse, in real time, whether a posting online is true.

It will also identify whether social media accounts have been created just to spread false information.

The aim is to help organisations, including governments and emergency services, to respond more effectively to events.

The project grew from research based on the use of social media during the London riots in 2011. The data being analysed will include posts on Twitter, comments in healthcare forums and public comments on Facebook.

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The researchers say that online rumours will be classified into four types:

  • Speculation – whether interest rates may rise, for example
  • Controversy – similar to that over the MMR vaccine
  • Misinformation – where something untrue is spread unwittingly
  • Disinformation – where false information is spread with malicious intent

“There was a suggestion after the 2011 riots that social networks should have been shut down, to prevent the rioters using them to organise,” said Dr Kalina Bontcheva, lead researcher on the project at the University of Sheffield.

“But social networks also provide useful information. The problem is that it all happens so fast and we can’t quickly sort truth from lies.

“This makes it difficult to respond to rumours, for example, for the emergency services to quash a lie in order to keep a situation calm,” she said.

The system will categorise the sources of information to assess their authority. Categories include news outlets, journalists, experts, eye witnesses, members of the public and bots – accounts that automatically generate social media posts.

It will also examine accounts for a history or background to try to identify whether the account has been created just to spread rumours.

Conversations on social networks will be studied to see how they evolve and sources will be checked to see if information can be confirmed or denied.

“Only text will be analysed,” said Dr Bontcheva.

“We will not be doing image analysis, so we won’t be looking to see if a photo has been altered – it’s too technically difficult.”

For mote detail please visit :

The new system will aim to tell fact from fiction

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BBC targets social media users with Instagram video news

BBC News is stepping up its efforts to reach new audiences on social media platforms after mobile and tablet viewing figures overtook desktop use for the first time in December.

On 16 January, BBC News launched Instafax, a new short-form video news service delivered to Instagram users. The project is a month-long experiment, with three 15-second videos uploaded a day, intended to serve as a roundup of the day’s news.

The name is a throwback to the BBC’s former Ceefax service – the world’s first teletext service that ran on UK television until 2012. This is described as the updated version of a text-based, short-form news service for the digital age.

The first Instafax to be trialled on the BBC News Instagram account
Steve Herrmann, head of BBC News Online, said the trial was a response to changing audience patterns after monthly figures for December, showed mobile and tablet consumption had overtaken desktop for the first time.

The BBC has made subtle changes to its video news services in recent months, including “selfie” pieces to camera filmed on mobile phones being incorporated into mainstream broadcast packages.

“We want the process to be organic, and we’re keen to trial new ideas on how we can use our video content to reach new audiences,” Herrmann said.

“[BBC News director] James Harding has been clear in his vision to find innovative ways to bring the best of our journalism to new audiences, something our team has been looking at for some time.”

There are currently no plans to launch any more social media trials, but BBC News will keep a watchful eye on developments around the world to see how their news can be delivered in new and innovative ways.

Instafax viewers are being encouraged to comment and give feedback. So far it has had mixed reactions ranging from “Instafax is a game changer” to “worst idea ever”.

The move is part of the BBC’s ongoing efforts to make its presence felt in digital spaces people are already inhabiting. Last week, unseen footage from a BBC team ambushed in south Sudan made for popular viewing on YouTube.

BBC News responds as mobile viewing figures overtake desktop for the first time. Photograph: Alex Segre/Rex Features



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  • Why It Understand to order Affordable Views

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  • How to get the cheapest youtube view?

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Social Network for Work Professionals

Linkedin is the social network for work professionals created by Reid Hoffman in 2002. There are 161 million professionals worldwide who have connected with Linkedin since its official launch in May 2003. Every second that number grows by two more memberships, according to company stats.


Linkedin members actively look for jobs and read work-related content on the platform. In 2011, there were 4.2 billion “professionally-oriented searches” that number is set to surge to 5.3 billion in 2012. On the network users can search for jobs, join work-related groups, and submit job applications through Apply With Linkedin.

Linkedin’s headquarters are in Mountain View, Calif., but it has offices in more than 20 locations around the world. The world’s largest professional social network has made great leaps into the mobile space. In 2012, it launched an iPad app, in addition to updated iPhone and Android apps.

In May, Linkedin bought slideshow presentation platform SlideShare for $119 million. Linkedin also acquired email startup Rapportive. The company is focused on new partnerships that will enable better professional connections and content for its global userbase.